The un-captured still of a negative void. 

Peaceful yet bewildered by simplicity.

It was never meant to last. 

Even the great blank has a curiosity. 


A blink of creation. 

A spectrum of various shades of Amber in colour startles the black mass,

causing a glitch of opportunity that tears the fabric of the void. 



Came manifested fragments, coiling in a circular motion. 

A liquid droplet formed of the dawns resin. 

A spirit that yearned for growth fell from grace. 


Cushioned and cut the supple dew embarked in pursuit of a purpose, 

that was yet to be defined. 

Blinding passion illuminates the path, but where there be light, shadow isn't far behind.



Encountering textures tangled in emotions and experiences one engulfed like lava. 

The tulip, thorns and all. 

Once set inside the imperfections spread like vines.


But with the patience to endure copious layers of existence, 

the evolutionary heals and hardens. 

Searching inward to discover an indestructible Daemon. 

The two unite to gradually piece together puzzles that will forever last. 



A flow that seduces. 

Effortlessly sliding under. 

Total emersion, cradled in a familiar creative bubble. 

A time frozen dream state, to a crisp wide eyed awakening. 

The treasure that has manifested deep must rise to the surface.


Besieged by the many split personalities of the fluid aqua marina. 

Baltic and encouraging. 

Suffocating and limitless. 

Treacherous and empowering. 

The ripple and riot of emotional waves. 

The force of three, friend, foe and I. All really one, fighting to thrive. 



A settling clarity washes over. 

Flaws glisten in acceptance of the past, present, and future. 

Win, loose or draw the battle dissolves. 

What remains is just a playful game, that dances on the rhythmic tide. 


For if fate decides to swoop the gem from the blue, 

and hold it up for all to see her golden rays,

then so be it. 

But should it not, the Amber will still be full of colour, textures and creativity. 

Completely changed. 

A revolutionary to the one.


The golden cycle in Amber. 


Universe in Pisces.