Who am I?


I am a print designer, an artist, a fashion designer, I’m a poet, I take photos so I guess I am a photographer. But what I really do with deep observation of the world around me is this, I hunt and capture textures, words and moments in time. I then intricately piece them together like a puzzle. The result being hand drawn art layered in complex collage, creating a universe of its own. So perhaps I am a visionary puzzler?


A commitment to honing my style alongside working for brands such as Alexander McQueen has taught me a deep consideration for blurring the line between art and fashion. I tailor my artwork to seamlessly interlock with each product, giving a strong illusion of unity.


I launched this brand as a creative umbrella to showcase pure thought out quality. For each piece I design to be collected and preserved like a precious stone.


‘Hold your breath’ is the motto and life force behind my brand. Based on the polar opposite of the phrase ‘Don’t hold your breath’ to insinuate that it will not happen. This motto has motivated my spirit and gave me the confidence to breathe through my art. Inspiring my debut collection of treasured scarves digitally printed on the finest silks, with hems sewn by hand in Lyon, France.